Mike Hindert

Hi, I’m Mike.  I grew up in Falls Church, Virginia, playing guitar with my best friends and my twin brother.  After studying philosophy, film and cooking in college I joined a band called The Bravery and traveled the world. I have since started or helped start many bands (M.H. Wolf, The Danvilles, Gone Sugar Die, The Snowghost Six, Swagar and Company, Dirty Dirt Cheaps, No Lover, The Plastic Aizawa Band and Nikki and the Weeps) making tons of videos along the way. Some of the bands are still together, the others never officially broke up, so you never know who I might play with next. These days I’ve found a new passion for painting and my main music project is my solo project, “Mike Hindert” I’ll be playing live and releasing music, videos, artwork, nfts and more under my own name while I continue work on my web series, “Curse of the Clover”, my record label, Merrifield Records and my clothing line, Merrifield Clothing Co.   Check out all of this and more at the “Home” link below.

Contact: mike@merrifieldrecords.com